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Post A Day Wannabe….

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My tenacity is fragile. Finally noticed today that I hadn’t gotten one of those annoying Post A Day prompts in my email for a while. Somehow I was missing the annoying-ness.  Went to the Daily Post blog, and found out I have been out of the loop for 8 days now…. Whaaaat?  Could’ve swore I was subscribed to the Daily Post blog, and went to login and There It Was: Incorrect username or password…. Did you forget your password? Click here, you moron….. or something like that.  Then it told me my Browser Was Blocking Cookies. I would never block cookies– they might be chocolate chip! Not only was I wrong about my username and password, I also had pending charges of assault against my favorite junk food companions.  Life was bad. Considered changing my username to WonderlandAirhead, but was immediately reprimanded by: You Cannot Change Your Username. I don’t know what is worse, that I got cut off from the loop, or that I didn’t realize I was cut off from the loop. Cut off from daily blog post “prompts” (aka Demonic Demanding Arbiters of Anguish (DDAA)), I conveniently just didn’t notice and wantonly participated in vain distractions and……. something. Ask my teenagers, I’m sure they would have noticed my criminal behavior towards baked goods.


Mind reading…


Would I go for a day with the ability to read minds? Yes. Just for the fact that it would Help Me Grasp Reality and relieve feelings of paranoia that people are thinking ill of me.  I know it’s a psychological fact that mainly, people aren’t thinking about you at all–positive or negative.  But I think a day of reading minds would definitely bring that concept home. Most people have no idea you suspect they have malicious thoughts about you. I have often seen a person not even being aware there was a big “problem” between them and another person which was so “obvious” to the other person Based Completely On Their Perceptions.  Yet, it is a human tendency to suspect others are judging and opining about me.  Of course, as this is complementary to the idea that I am the center of the universe. Bring on reality! Hooray For Truth!