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What cheers me up….


Cola Slurpees, definitely. Alone in my car, turning up the volume and bass to max (I’m Deaf) and playing rap music. My particular car causes even the gas pedal to vibrate to the music. Putting my arm on the car door is great! Sometimes the drivers seat gets involved in the beat too. Risk: police officers don’t usually understand that all that racket is Not Distracting Me From Driving at all. My children are embarrassed when I’m waiting in the carpool lane. They say You Can Still Hear It really loud half way across campus. Going to Dog Beach when the weather is good. Getting visitors to my blog. Inventing play on words across ASL and English. Only about 2 people in the world understand them, but I amuse myself at my ingeniousness. This is an Eccentric Result of losing my hearing as an adult and being bilingual….


If I had a million dollars, I would…


  • First 10% goes to the Lord ($100,000)
  • Pay off mortgage ($500,000)
  • Pay off bills ($30,000)
  • Sell house, then buy little rundown cottage by the beach I’ve been longing for many years (no idea $)
  • Go on an actual vacation to some tropical island place (no idea$)
  • Go horseback riding with husband ($200)
  • Treat myself to cola slurpees whenever I wanted ($2 each)