Depression does really hurt everywhere….


bite-me-retroSo I saw I hadn’t posted in over a month and took down my “I’m A Part of Post A Day” button, as it seemed rather silly at this point.  I need a “I WISH I Was With It Enough To Post A Day” button, that would be more accurate.  So what is my lame-o excuse?  Depression. Relentless, annoying, can’t “snap out of it”, overwhelming, walking thru molasses everyday, depression.  It sucks the life out of you, you can’t remember what it felt like to feel “good”, “energetic”, “happy”, or any of those kinds of words.  But you can’t let on to people that you’re depressed, because then everyone takes it upon themselves to a) Become Your Shrink, b) Cheer You Up, c) Tell You What Diet/Exercise/Prayer/Nutritional Supplement Will Make You All Better or d) Tell You They “Understand” Because They Felt Lousy Once When ________.

Really, all I want is somebody to “reboot” my life and possibly give me a mainline IV of Rockstar, Monster, Red Bull, or whatever high energy drink is popular at the moment with all those tired teenagers.  Doesn’t help at all that my particular version of Depression Hell comes with an extreme lack of finances or health insurance. So I can’t even afford the shrink, the meds, or the case of high energy drink I need.

Well, at least I can whine about it on my blog for free.   😉




2 responses

  1. Sorry I haven’t read enough to know if meds are a part of your life, but on my Emotional Fitness Training Thermometer if I were evaluating you on the basis of this post, I’d say you need to find a good psychiatirst who knows how to prescribe and titrate someone deep down. Know lots of people don’t like to hear that but LIFE CAN BE BETTER. I directed a Crisis Team in the Bronx, so do know what I am talking about and never suggest medication easily. Get and stay strong, life is hard enough without your chemical system making it harder.

  2. I know people who suffer depression and I know how debilitating it can be. I’m sorry you have it; it’s beyond dreadful.

    At least you found a small silver lining:)